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Beth is a tarot reader, spirit channel, and your friendly interdimensional witch next door. From a young age, Beth has heard whispers from the universe, guided by signs and synchronicities that shaped her path. With over 10 years of experience working with the tarot, including 5 years as a professional reader, Beth is dedicated to helping seekers find affirmation, spiritual fortification, and a renewed sense of trust in their own inner wisdom.


In her sessions, Beth attunes to the quantum and Akashic fields to bring forth magic & medicine and open new doors of reflection and possibility. She believes in the potency of resonance and the power of imagination, viewing both as some of the most advanced technology we can engage with. Through her readings, Beth strives to create heartwarming and transformative experiences that leave a lasting glow.


Whether you seek guidance for your personal journey or wish to enchant your special event with a touch of twinkling, warmhearted mysticism, Beth is here to help you uncover the magic and medicine within and around you.

Beth is currently based in Providence, Rhode Island, where she lives and dreams with her calico cat, Arrow.  She loves working and traveling across New England, where she communes with local witches & weirdos, trees, elementals, and folklore.

Meet your guide, Beth Metal

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Client Testimonials

“Thank you so much for coming and joining the traveling circus of eventistes!  We love having you in our rolodex and will definitely be in touch for future Tarot needs.” 

-J.B, Event Planner, Marcy Blum Associates

"The perfect addition to our bachelorette party! This experience was something personal and tailored for everyone. Near Beth Experience was incredibly thoughtful and connected. Highly recommend!"

-Kristen S., Maid of Honor

"Beth is a talented, empathic entertainer who showed wonderful people a wonderful time. I will tell all my friends about her. Thank you, Beth."

-John G., party host


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